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Get ready for 2024!


100% LIVE concert, no wigs, no harmonizers, no tracks!


An evening with The Fleetwood Mac Experience brings you back to that classic concert era in music where rock ruled the stage and left the crowds wanting more!! 

The Fleetwood Mac Experience plays the very best of Fleetwood Mac throughout the United States and Canada.

Performing Fleetwood Mac's iconic music with a focus on the raw, live concert energy, on-stage chemistry and vocal harmonies that made Fleetwood Mac famous during their heyday.

With recent Fleetwood Mac tours and it's members solo tours, their music has been widespread with radio airplay bringing new life to these classic songs. The members of the Fleetwood Mac Experience bring many years of friendship and musical chemistry to each song portraying the essence of emotion that Fleetwood Mac has been able to maintain for decades.

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